• Swipe. The Visa POS Graphic.

    The Visa Point-of-Sale (POS) graphic is the most recognized Visa element. Used everywhere Visa payment products are accepted, all physical and online merchant locations, and ATMs accepting Visa products for payment or cash disbursement must display it.

  • Dip. Visa Chip Card.

    Providing and extra layer of security, every transaction at a chip-enabled terminal, through the embedded card chip, adds a unique one time code needed for the transaction to be approved. Visa chip cards are used in any terminal where Visa is accepted.

  • Tap. The Contactless Symbol.

    Customers feel secure when this symbol is displayed at POS since they relate it to previously seen marketing collateral. Resembling an airwave signal, it is required to be displayed on all terminals to comply with contactless specifications.

  • Click. Online Acceptance.

    With innovative payment technologies such as Visa Checkout your customers can pay in just a few clicks, more secure, and most important, utilizing your existing payment process. Visa makes online shopping easier and more convenient.


Download information to let your customers know how to use Visa.