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Visa Advertising Solutions

A powerful new suite of products from Visa created just for advertisers can help you more effectively target your digital ad spend and measure performance in your next campaign – all with the privacy protections you’d expect from Visa. Available on leading digital and social media platforms, Visa Audiences can deliver your targeted buyers and Visa Ad Measurement can reveal how your ads turned into sales.

Visa Audiences

Spending data is a powerful predictor of future buying behavior because it takes into account real world shopping, not just online clicks, likes or shares. Using audiences built from aggregated Visa spend data, you can reach groups of consumers with a known propensity to buy.

$1.4 Trillion 2015 Visa U.S. Credit Card Dollar Volume Spend

62 of Visa Top 250 Merchants use Visa Audiences powered by DLX through Oracle Data Cloud

Visa Ad Measurement

With more than 94% of transactions still occurring offline, online metrics alone are insufficient in capturing ROI. Visa Media Measurement lets you understand which ad tactics are most effective at driving sales either offline or online. So you can properly assign sales lift to your campaigns and understand the real ROI of your advertising.

Visa Ad Measurement Shows How Ads Drive Sales

How it Works

You can get insights from Visa Audiences and Visa Ad Measurement for your next campaign. Here’s a look at the process.



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